Shrimp and Goat Cheese Crepes

When my friend Karen and I were in New Orleans, we knew where to get a recommendation for a good restaurant, our friend Paul from the Bourbon Street Pub.  Paul lives and works in NOLA and my little lambchop knows his food, he recommended Muriel's on Jackson Square. Just a few blocks down the street we went and when our "slightly tipsy" asses walked through the threshhold of the restaurant,  I knew we were in for an experience. This restaurant is luxurious! We were seated in the enclosed courtyard, which is stunning. If it weren't so dark in the restaurant, I would have shown you the pictures we tried to take (note to self: stop taking pictures in restaurants when your trying to have a dining experience) Anyway, Muriel's has a legendary ghost history because the restaurant was once the home of a heavy gambler, who back in 1814, wagered his home in a poker game and lost, but before he had to vacate his property, he killed himself,  he now haunts the restaurant, breaking glasses and causing a nuisance. He actually sounds like my dinner companion Karen, who loves knocking over glasses too....and then going "whoopsy" after she does it.....each.... and..... every.....time, acting as if each time, is the first time she ever did it. She even had to buy me a whole set of Crate and Barrel wine glasses because she smashed every, single, one of them. Anway, I digress.....back to the meal. I am no food critic, but there are a few things that are universally important to anyone going out to eat in a good restaurant and that's service and food.  Our server Sonya, was perfection, attentive but never hovering and totally enthusiastic about the food. The chef Gus Martin,  knows how to take comfort food to another level. We really needed to make sure we went home with at least one "wow' dining experience and we had a few. We had crawfish and goat cheese crepes as an appetizer and the first thing I said was....."good food makes me want to cry" as I got misty eyed over my fork and martini and our next comment was "we have to make this at home".

This recipe is on the restaurants website, but trust me, as good as it tasted when I made it in my kitchen (and it did) with shrimp, it was heaven with Nawlin's crawfish. You'll need a food scale, of which I had from my old Weight Watchers days. When I do prepare this next time, I will try to measure the ingredients instead of using weight. I already have the crepe batter in the refridgerator in preparation for making this again tonight.

1 oz. yellow onion, diced
½ oz. bell pepper, diced
1 oz. tomato, diced
¼ t garlic, chopped
1 t Creole seasoning
4 oz. Shrimp
1 oz. white wine
1 oz. unsalted butter
1 t of oil
2 cups of Heavy cream
Salt and pepper to taste

Method: Place oil in sauté pan over medium high heat, add onions and
bell pepper, sauté until softened. Add tomato, garlic and Creole
seasoning. Sauté 30 seconds then deglaze with wite wine. Add cream and reduce
until sauce coats the back of the spoon. Stir in cold butter and crawfish tails
and salt to taste. Saute 30 seconds more.

Crepe Stuffing:
6 crepes
3 oz. goat cheese
2 oz. cream cheese
½ t shallot, chopped
½ t garlic, chopped
¼ t salt
¼ t pepper

Method: Mix all ingredients together pipe into crepes and roll up.
To Serve: Place Crepes on plate and pour sauce over crepes

Yield 6 crepes. (3 Servings)


Karen said…
Who are you kidding, you broke those glasses and because I had a few, I believed you when you said it was me...(he he he) You did it for the set of new crate and barrel glasses- courtesy of me.

Now onto the crepes, they look fabulous but I do not appreciate it when you make the New Orlean's dishes without letting me have the opportunity to sample them. This is the one I most wanted to try.

I do concur in regard to Muriel's the food was so good that it brought tears to Antonette's eyes. Thank You Paul for sending us to the best restaurants in New Orleans. That is also how we found Irene's.
Kimberly said…
That looks absolutely delicious. How do you think it would be over creamy grits?
Kim, do you like grits? I loooove them. The shrimp sauce would have worked nice with grits!

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