Mussels with Brie and Leeks

I planned a dinner party Saturday night for my friends and served Mussels, Leeks and Brie as one of the  appetizers. I always make too much food when I am cooking and ended up buying 8lbs of mussels. This required me to go to the store and buy a pot big enough to accomodate the mussels. Apparently, it was so big, that as I was hoisting it into the sink to be cleaned,  my daughter commented that it looked like a "prison pot" and of course that set me laughing so hard because it really was a big pot. It didn't help that she had to clean it with shower nozzle attachment in the kitchen sink, which really added to the visual. The only thing missing was her in a pair of shower shoes and a hair net.
Anyway, on the night of my dinner party, as things were winding down, there were about 2lbs of mussels left and I hate wasting food and after a few glasses of wine, my OCD kicks in and I kept trying to sell one of my friends on taking the dish home to her husband......because it makes a "great soup". I just kept repeating how the dish makes a "delicious soup"...."just add crusty bread", I said, "and it  "really makes a really delicious soup" but she was sore because I gave away the chocolate cupcakes and I could not sell her on taking home "the mussels that make a delicious soup". I really pleaded with her and if she would only take these mussels home to her husband, I could rest easy and there would be no waste, but she was not having it.
I bet if her husband knew what he COULD have been eating the next day, he wouldn't be too happy having missed out on the "delicious soup".

Mussels with Brie and Leeks:

2lbs of mussels
3Tbs olive oil
2 Tbs shallots
1 stalk of chopped leeks (cleaned)
1 cup white wine
2 cups chicken broth
1 wedge (approximately 8 oz) of brie (rind removed)

Heat 3 Tbs of olive oil in a pot on medium low heat, add the 2 Tbsp shallots and saute until translucent, add chopped leeks and saute for a few minutes,  add white wine and saute leeks until all the wine is evaporated, add 2 cups of chicken stock and brie with rind removed, when brie is melted add mussels and stir once, cover and steam until open, remove immediately to bowl. Serve with crusty even makes a delicious soup..


You know, I'll bet that recipe would be just like a delicious soup... :)

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