Shaved Asparagus Salad

I was determined to make this Shaved Asparagus salad after seeing a post about it on another blog. I swear I would love to give credit too this blog, but I can't remember who it was and anyone that knows me can attest that I am getting somewhat forgetful lately. Thankfully, it was not an original recipe.
I had never heard of this shaved asparagus idea and it sounded so delicious and innovative. There are probably some of you that have already had this dish, but not me, so I did a bit of searching on the net and ended up adapting this recipe from Mario Batali's version of the salad because it seemed to me the most appealing, clean tasting and simplistic. This recipe does not disappoint. I promise that if your not a fan of asparagus, you will be.
My plan was to make grilled pita pizza with the idea that I would use the asparagus salad as a topping once the pita pizza was grilled. A pita that was crunchy on the bottom with melted cheese on the top and then adding the asparagus salad after it was cooked to make the dish cool and refreshing....almost like having a pizza with salad, but I did not have time to buy a grill this weekend, baking was out of the questions with Sunday's heat, so I thought since I was craving this salad, I would just make it for myself and write the "blog worthy" version at the end of the week. I used a cast iron pan and a whole wheat pita and grilled it toasty on one side, then flipped  it over and added cheese while the pita crisped on the underside. I topped it with the asparagus salad and sat down to eat it with a glass of wine and decided......I didn't want to hold off on blogging about it. It was too good to wait for, so after digesting the first pita pizza I made, I did another. I only used half the pita because, like I said, I had already ate the first one and I knew I would end up eating this one too. I used what I had in the refrigerator to add to the pita, which was mozzarella and a plastic container of pre-shaved Asiago, Parmigiano-Reggiano. I used the vegetable peeler to shave a block of Parmigiana for the actual salad, so you get the picture, there were several layers of cheese, but I did not over do it. I was trying to keep it as healthy as possible.

Shaved Asparagus Salad

Ingredients for Salad:
1 bundle of Asparagus
1 lemon (juice only)
2 Tbs Olive Oil
1 Tsp Kosher Salt
1/2 cracked pepper
1/2 cup shaved imported Parmigiano-Reggiano

2 Tbs grated Mozzarella
2 Tbs cheese mixture (Asiago, Parmigiano-Reggiano)


Holding the asparagus by the end, use a vegetable peeler and keeping it flat, shave the full length of the asparagus, creating a pile. Add to bowl and mix with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and toss. Add a few shavings of Parmesan cheese to the salad and set aside.

Pita can be cooked on a grill one side for 3 minutes, turned over, add cheese and close lid and cook for another 3 minutes on opposite side

Pita can be topped with cheese and  baked in oven at 350 for 10 minutes

Or my desperate, but delicious method:  using a cast iron or grill pan, set temperature on stove top to medium high and grill pita on one side until almost burnt about 4 minutes, turn over and add cheese, grilling until crispy on the other side.

Again, you can make this your own. It can be eaten many different ways. The salad alone is unbelievable, but if you want to make a pizza with it or use as a topping for a pita, grilled together or topped separately, it's all up to your personal preferences.


Rads said…
How did you manage to get the shavings???? Its so slender, I cannnnnnnot believe this method works - not even with your pictures..Nope..its just too easy to be true!!!
Vegetable peeler, it works on getting the skin off a potatoe. I think mine is a kitchen aid too. You need to try this recipe, another vegetarian recipe...can I get some luv up in this house?
Rads said…
Was just thinking you have been posting so many vegetarian recipes :-) My husband loves salads and will love this. Love Mario Batali - wish we got food network here :-(
Eric said…
Your vegetarian ideas look amazing and I can't wait to try them!
Eric, not sure if you like Spinach and chckpeas, but it's my favorite. I could eat it daily.....well, almost daily. Thanks!

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