Bermuda Banana Bread

This recipe for Bermuda Banana Bread was given to me by my one of my favorite boy toys, Gordon. He's actually from Bermuda and this recipe has been passed down through his family. He was quick to note that the trick to making this banana bread was using very ripe baby/nino bananas and to mix everything by hand, no hand mixer needed.

The other thing I liked about this recipe, is you can get twelve baby/nino bananas for a little over a dollar. So, if I had a frugal category for my posts, this would be it. I made this Bermuda Banana Bread twice, first time it came out perfect. I could tell it was going to be really moist, but I needed to put it back in the oven for a few more minutes and then started watching some show on the television and forgot the bread......who does that? So, I made it again last night and it did not come out as good as the first one because I used smaller pans (I thougth I would give them away as little gifts) and I used six baby bananas instead of seven. I feel like the second time the bread was compromised a bit by using smaller pans. A bit drier then the first time. I also stayed true to the recipe and did not add vanilla extract or cinnamon and Gordon told me walnuts ruin the bread, so if your going to use walnuts, I would toast them first. In addition to the bread, I made a honey butter spread with lemon zest.

1/2 cup of shortening (room temperature)
1 cup of sugar
3 eggs (room temperature or soak in warm water for a few minutes)
2 cups of twice sifted flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
6-7 mashed baby/nino bananas

Combine the shortening and sugar with a spoon until combined. It's okay if the mixture is still crumbly.  Add the eggs and mix until just incorporated. In a separate bowl, sift (twice) the flour and baking soda and mix into egg mixture until just incorporated and add bananas by hand. (I mashed the bananas first in a separate bowl)
Bake at 350 degrees in a greased and floured pan for about 40 min. Bread will be dark golden brown on the outside. Test with toothpick for doneness.


Lexie said…
I'm going to try this - my banana bread recipe (from Mike's grandmother) is really good - but slightly different so I want to see how they compare.

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